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Superyacht Crew Careers - all levels of certification available

The Superyacht Crew Academy is a Maritime Institute offering International Yacht Training (IYT) for both professional and recreational yachtsmen and women. IYT Worldwide ‘Master of Yachts 200gt’ certificates are recognised by the MCA and 25 governments around the globe.

A career aboard a Superyacht is an opportunity unlike any other. Superyacht Crew get to travel the globe on the world’s most expensive yachts, visit the most exotic locations on the planet and enjoy the benefits of expense free living while being paid considerable salaries.

To get started, and find out what you need to become a crew member on a Superyacht, just scroll down the page and follow the links that interest you. Or to see a flow chart of our training courses click on the following link : SUPERYACHT CAREER TRAINING PROGRAMME

Work on a Superyacht as a professional captain or crew

Superyacht Training

Superyacht Crew Academy, the Australian representative & partnership school of International Yacht Training Worldwide, provides:

  • Modern training vessels for Sail or Power in all weather waterways.
  • IYT Master of Yachts 200gt modules necessary for superyacht crews including coastal offshore and ocean.
  • Fastrak Professional Crew Program from no experience to Mate 200gt in 7 weeks.
  • Opportunities for crew placement with SuperCrew offering introductions to crew agencies and superyachts worldwide.
  • Accommodation & meals onboard during practical Master of Yachts courses and Fastrak training programme.
  • Internationally recognised professional superyacht, Deckcrew, Steward/Stewardess and Chef certification.
  • Eligibility for Roads and Maritime Services Master <24m NC for holders of IYT Master of Yachts Limited 200gt Offshore certificate.
  • Dual certification with international Megayacht Deck Crew and General Purpose Hands (GPH) NC.

Kick start your career with a Megayacht Deck Crew Course

The MCA Approved Megayacht Deck Crew Course is the perfect way to get moving quickly on your career training for Superyachts. This course compliments the required STCW95 course with a basic set of yachting and boat handling skills that will help your placement on a superyacht as a deckhand. It is the minimum first step for a professional career in sailing and the superyacht industry.

If you are not a novice but don't quite have enough experience to meet the required levels for the professional superyacht courses, we will examine your existing experience and tailor the course options just for you. This means you will not have to take courses you have done before.

For example, maybe you need a few more offshore miles or an International Bareboat Skipper course or a VHF radio course. Whatever you require, just give us a call and we will be happy to talk through your personal circumstances.

After you have your IYT certificate, or your Master Class 5 certification, The Superyacht Crew Academy will assist you with placement. For information about professional Superyacht Crew placements, click here.


Our Superyacht Graduates Say

Superyacht luxury

"The Superyacht Crew Academy provided me with an Internationally recognised and highly regarded qualification that allowed me to gain employment in the superyacht industry which is renowned for its generous remuneration and exotic destinations. Superyacht Crew Academy instruction is delivered in an interactive environment at a pace dictated by the individual's requirements. The apparent ease with which the Instructors deliver an exceptional training package, whilst fostering a fun and social environment, is testament to their skill and experience as mariners." Owen Walsh

"I am writing to congratulate the Superyacht Crew Academy on running a professional and comprehensive range of courses, preparing the eager amateur for the pleasures of Super Yacht crewing. I spent the best 4 years of my life as a deckhand/2nd mate on some of the most spectacular boats ever made. I have cruised the French Riviera and SE Asia, and everyday was a new and exciting experience." Marty Arbuthnot


Choose Your Superyacht Career -

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Superyacht Steward/ess crew training courses

Train for a position as steward or stewardess aboard a luxury yacht. Maritime courses are suitable for all those interested in a professional career in hospitality,silver service and guest care.

Megayacht Deck Crew training course

This course complements the STCW95 course required for all superyacht crew with a basic set of yachting skills for a deckhand. It is the minimum first step and entry level onto superyachts for a professional career in sailing.
NEW! Get TWO qualifications with one course - Internationally recognised MCA deckhand plus the TDM10107 - CERTIFICATE I IN TRANSPORT DISTRIBUTION (MARITIME OPERATIONS) General Purpose Hand (GPH) NC qualifications for working on commercial vessels registered in Australia.

International Yacht Training Mate 200 gt (Master of Yachts Coastal) Certificate –

This certification allows you to work as a First Mate on commercial vessels and super yachts up to 200 gross tons, registered in 25 countries (but not Australian registered yachts as yet) up to 150 miles offshore. (If you have no or limited experience then the Superyacht Crew Academy offers you the chance to reach this level with our 'Fastrak Professional Crew ' program)

International Yacht Training Master of Yachts 200 gt (Limited) Certificate –

This certification allows you to work as a Master/Captain/Skipper on commercial vessels and super yachts up to 200 gross tons, registered in 20 countries up to 150 miles offshore. Over 200 tons or beyond 150 miles offshore you are able to work as a First Mate.
NEW! Get TWO certifications with one training programme - the Internationally recognised MCA Master of Yachts 200 gt (Limited Certificate) PLUS the TDM30407 - CERTIFICATE III IN TRANSPORT & DISTRIBUTION (COASTAL MARITIME OPERATIONS - MASTER <24 m NC) certificate.

International Yacht Trainng Master of Yachts 200 tons (Unlimited) Certificate –

This certification extends the Master of Yachts 200 gt (Limited) ticket for international ocean passages on vessels up to 200 tons. Over 200 tons and under 500gt, you can work as officer of the watch.

Fastrak to Mate 200gt Certification

Start with no experience and participate in a full training programme to the level of Mate 200gt (Master of Yachts Coastal) Certificate.

Your Superyacht Career Starts Here

9 reasons why you should choose International Yacht Training with the Superyacht Crew Academy, Sydney, Australia.

  1. Stewardess and Deckhand The International Yacht Training Mate 200 gt (Master of Yachts Coastal), Mater of Yachts 200 gt (Limited) and (Unlimited) certificates include the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). All courses are MCA approved and STCW95 compliant where applicable. IYT Worldwide has 87 partnership schools in 27 countries. No other organisation offers such a diverse range of nautical training or is as internationally accepted as IYT Worldwide.
  2. IYT Courses are MCA Compliant. The majority of the world's super yachts and mega yachts are flagged under the red ensign and therefore fall under the jurisdiction of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). To work on these vessels one must obtain MCA certification. The Superyacht Crew Academy is Australia's fully approved IYT/MCA licensed training facility to assist you with these qualifications. Practical training and quality instruction makes IYT courses the world's number one choice for nautical training.
  3. IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Training Certificates are the most prestigious and sought after internationally recognised certificates in the world of Superyachts. They are recognised by 25 governments worldwide including 16 Red Ensign countries, Ireland, New Zealand, Marshall Islands, Western Australia, Luxembourg, Bahamas, Lebanon. No other Yacht Training certification in the world has such global acceptance.
  4. Deckhand and Steward/ess crew train together in their roles in a 'simulated superyacht environment' interacting with each other onboard during the seamanship and RIB small power boat practicals.
  5. Guaranteed Work Experience before heading overseas for Deckhand and Steward/ess graduates. Immediately after the training course, deckhands and steward/ess will have the opportunity to gain work experience face to face with guests. This is a great way to put your newfound skills into play cruising Sydney Harbour and it will be a real bonus for your resume to have your guest service and seamanship skills with sea miles logged off by the Captain.
  6. Superyacht Crew Academy is IYT's Australian representative located at Pittwater on Sydney's Northern Beaches, 45 minutes north of the CBD. Superyacht Crew Academy's training annexe and marina offers a yacht friendly environment close to the beaches, accommodation, restaurants, and shopping areas.
  7. SuperCrew Recruitment is a division of Superyacht Crew Academy and proudly presents highly qualified crew to owners and captains of superyachts throughout the world. SuperCrew specialises in qualified professionals at all levels from deckhands to steward/ess, chefs, engineers, first mates and captains. Yacht owners are always looking for highly experienced crew to command their vessels. Holders of the prestigious IYT Worldwide’ Master of Yachts 200gt’ qualifications are most highly sought after for their recognised knowledge of nautical studies and proven practical competence and training.
  8. Registered Training Organisation. Superyacht Crew Academy is a nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) as well as a NSW Roads and Maritime Services and ASQA approved training provider. This means we are accredited to teach and issue the training certificates required. Crew will be eligible to sit an oral examination and obtain a marine licence.
  9. Dual Certificates of Competency. Your training programme for Master of Yachts 200gt will also qualify you for a Master <24 m NC certification so you can begin working on Australian registered vessels as soon as you graduate. This means two major tickets with one training programme.

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