Superyacht Stewardess/Steward Training Course

Interior Superyacht Crew Certification

Superyacht stewardess trainingThe Superyacht Steward / Stewardess Course will provide you with multiple skills and a professional knowledge of your role onboard as a Superyacht Stewardess or Steward. Successful graduates can confidently accept any Steward/ess assignment on superyachts anywhere in the world. You will graduate with two internationally recognised certificates:

  • IYT Worldwide certificate for Professional Superyacht Interior Crew
  • IYT Wordwide Small Power Boat & RIB Master certificate (MCA approved)

This 5 day course places great emphasis on the essentials of good service as well as giving you the theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an active crew member onboard a superyacht.

This qualification will increase your opportunities for placement once you’ve graduated.

Guaranteed Work Experience before heading overseas.

Immediately after the training course, deckhands and steward/ess will have the opportunity to gain work experience face to face with guests. This is a great way to put your newfound skills into play cruising Sydney Harbour and it will be a real bonus for your resume to have your guest service with sea miles logged off by the Captain.

Our Internationally Recognised Certifications are your entrée to getting a job aboard a Superyacht

The IYT Professional Superyacht Interior Crew certification is the only internationally recognised qualification for superyacht interior crews. Your graduation certificate will be accredited by International Yacht Training (IYT) Worldwide, who has recognition with 25 governments across the globe. The RIB tender certificate is approved by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).

The Superyacht Crew Academy has established over the years a global network with leading recruitment agencies overseas and within Australia. All of these Superyacht Crew recruitment agencies ‘acknowledge’  and welcome the IYT Professional Superyacht Interior Crew certification.

Meet your experienced Superyacht Crew Academy Trainers

The Superyacht Crew Academy’s accredited trainers offer you personalised and ‘hands on’ training. Our team of experienced chief stewardess’ have recently returned from overseas ready to share and communicate their ‘up to date’ knowledge of the stewardess’ role onboard. After spending many years on superyachts they have the ‘know how to’ guide and support you through these fun filled training days. Each step along the way the Superyacht Crew Academy trainers will give you the confidence needed to feel comfortable and skilled in your role as a steward/ess. Read what they have to say………

  • Amelia
  • Erin
  • Emma

Superyacht Stewardess trainingAmelia - Chief Stewardess

My yachting life began on a small Australian owned cruise ship on the Great Barrier Reef. I headed overseas, as many of my fellow crew had done, and found my way to Antibes in the South of France. It was here that I discovered what the 'yachting world' was all about and could not wait to get onboard one of those amazing 'Superyachts'!
I mostly worked on privately owned boats from a 43 foot motor cruiser up to a 130 metre Superyacht. Working with wonderful crews, I travelled from one port to another all over the world. I met my husband working on Superyachts and we have since directed friends and colleagues to working on Superyachts as we did and loved so much!
I started as a Sole Stewardess and my love and dedication to the job helped me achieve the position of Chief Stewardess. I was also lucky enough to work at various owner estates around the world. I spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean and experienced amazing and very memorable places like New York City, Tahiti, Galapagos, Thailand, Alaska, Hawaii, the East Coast of America (just to name a few!) and back to my home town of Sydney, Australia.
I look forward to introducing you to the lifestyle of being a crew member onboard a Superyacht and sharing my yachting stories and experience through the training at the Superyacht Crew Academy. All of which, will help you on your way to experiencing it for yourself!

chief stewardess trainer superyacht crew academyErin – Chief Stewardess

It has been an incredible journey and one that began in the South of France where I stood on the docks at Antibes admiring those astonishing vessels and promised myself that one day I would work on them.  I gained over 12 years experience in the yachting industry, working as a professional interior crew member (stewardess / chief stewardess) in the Mediterranean, USA, Caribbean, Central America, Croatia and beyond, on both privately owned and commercial charter vessels.

A range of opportunities as a stewardess led me to cooking; owner estate management; childcare and project management roles on major superyacht refits.

The experience I gained in yachting offered me a career that will open your eyes to experiences that you cannot imagine. I look forward to sharing this with you through the high quality training you will receive at Superyacht Crew Academy.

chief stewardess trainer superyacht crew academyEmma – Chief Stewardess

Hi, I look forward to working with you here at Superyacht Crew Academy. I have worked in the marine industry for 10 years, and the customer service world for 15 years. I have had some amazing experiences, seen some fabulous things and met some wonderful people.

I first joined the 'life at sea' in Greece on a 10m, 30 ft flotilla sailing yacht cruising the islands. Shortly after I discovered the French Riviera charter boat lifestyle and loved the idea of living and working with a crew. This quickly progressed into the superyacht industry and a wider selection of waters that included many ocean crossings, including a return world trip on MV Ilona, sailing from France to Australia. During my overseas adventures I have had the honour of being chief stewardess aboard 50m to 140 m luxury Superyachts and have been responsible for the guest care of the world’s rich and famous. During the past 4 years I have been working within the Australian yachting industry.


What makes a good Superyacht Steward or Stewardess?

superyacht stewardess training

A good steward/ess is polite, well groomed and lively. The knowledge and skills needed to perform the job are not difficult to learn but the attitude and art of good service is something that takes training and practice. This position requires a blend of responsibility, maturity and self-discipline along with a great sense of humour and the drive to provide exceptional service. You will need meticulous attention to detail both in your duties and in your personal presentation.

Some of the skills and knowledge necessary to be a steward/ess are

  • Security, confidentiality and privacy issues
  • Professional etiquette in communication, personal hygiene, appearance and attitude
  • International protocol and correct forms of address
  • All styles of food service and entertainment planning
  • Provisioning and product inventories
  • Decanting, purchasing, service and storage of fine wines
  • Impeccable care of exotic furnishings, finishes and fabrics
  • Total laundry procedures
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Guest care and valet services

Superyacht Steward/ess Course requirements

Either before or after you start your Steward/ess training you will need to have completed a five day STCW 95 Basic Safety Course (Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers), that is compulsory for all crew on superyachts.

The STCW 95 gives you the minimum standard of qualification required to work on vessels of any size and equips you with a detailed understanding of what to do in the event of marine emergencies.

Superyacht Crew Academy conducts regular STCW 95 courses in Sydney during which you will study safety and sea survival, first aid and CPR, fire fighting including use of breathing apparatus and personal and social responsibilities. The STCW 95 can be packaged with the Steward/ess course or you can do the two separately.

Superyacht Steward Stewardess Certification

Internationally recognised IYT certification for Professional Superyacht Interior Crew & International RIB tender driving certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.

In addition, Superyacht Crew Academy is an Australian Nationally Recognised Training Organisation and if you complete the STCW 95 training with us you will also qualify you to obtain a  ‘CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY’ known as the BASIC ELEMENTS OF SHIPBOARD SAFETY or Certificate 1 in Transport & Distribution (Maritime Operations). This certificate will be issued by the NSW Roads and Maritime Services and will allow you to work on Australian commercial vessels.

Course Descriptions:

Steward/Stewardess Superyacht Interior Crew 5-Day Training Course

Stewardess and Deckhand This course is an orientation for students new to the industry of yachting teaching interior and seamanship skills. The course is five days of very ’hands on’ practical and theory classes

At Superyacht Crew Academy Deckhand and Steward/ess crew train in their roles in a 'simulated superyacht environment' interacting with each other onboard during the seamanship and RIB small power boat practicals.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5

DAY 1_ Monday

The Superyacht Industry Introduction and RIB tender driving

Theory a.m.RIB tender driving

  • Number & type of yachts
  • Flag State Registrations
  • Private & Commercial yachts
  • STCW 95 & Nautical qualification
  • Chain of Command
  • Rank & Position
  • Resumes/Interviewing
  • Crew Agreements
  • Personal Appearance & Hygiene
  • Rules Onboard
  • Nautical / Military time
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Guest Arrival
  • Preference forms

Theory p.m.

  • Small power boat and RIB
    Master theory
  • Basic Safety
  • Collision Regulations
  • IALA buoyage
  • Lights/sound signals
  • Knot tying

DAY 2_Tuesday

Basic seamanship / RIB tender driving

Practical a.m.RIB tender driving

  • RIB Boat handling under power
  • Coming alongside & clearing
  • Tying up
  • Dock departure & arrival
  • MOB procedures
  • Engine check
  • Anchors & anchoring
  • Dinghy launching & recovery

Theory p.m.

  • VHF radio operation
  • Phonetic alphabet
  • Mayday procedures
  • Nautical terminology
  • Bridge equipment

RIB theory exam

DAY 3_Wednesdaysuperyacht stewardess training course silver service

Silver Service - Practical service & application including lunch

  • Formal dinner: setup & service
  • Identification glassware, cutlery & service utensils
  • Care and storage of fine China, Silverware, Stemware
  • Serving Order and tips
  • Meal sequence, clearing order
  • Plated & other types of Service
  • Silver Service: Russian and French – demonstration and practice
  • Chef prepared lunch for students to enjoy and practical silver-service
  • In-cabin/tray Service
  • Buffet setups, Parties, Picnics, Afternoon tea service
  • Caviar Service: Russian/French
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Various diets – vegetarian, Kosher, Muslim & others

DAY 4_Thursday superyacht stewardess certification flowers

Interior detailing, laundry/valet, napkin folding decorating tables and floral arrangements

Practical & theory

  • Daily Scheduling
  • Cleaning standards & supplies
  • Cleaning: with guests onboard and in non-guest periods
  • Practical: Cabin cleaning, bed making, & turn-down service
  • Laundry products and stain removal advice and hints for
  • Valet services: shoe care, packing
  • Practical: ironing crew uniforms
  • Florist market visit
  • Flower appreciation & caring for flowers
  • Hints on floral arrangements & vases
  • Practical floral arranging
  • Practical: Napkin folding, decorating theme tables

superyacht stewardesss job cocktailsDAY 5_Friday

Other services, wine appreciation, bartending and cocktails


Practical a.m.

  • Wine Service and Decanting demonstration
  • Champagne Service
  • Barista Basics Practical: Coffee making styles, cappuccinos, espresso
  • Wine experience – visit to local Cellars for  wine and cheese tasting
  • Cheese Service
  • Fruit Basket presentation
  • Cigar Service
  • Bar drinks/cocktails service plus demonstration DVD
  • Beverage Provisioning
  • Final certification exam assessment
  • Certificate presentation and log book sign off, photos
  • Questions and Discussion




Silver Service 1 day Course

A single day module, teaching the art of exceptional service. Some of the topics covered are table settings, styles of service, food handling, body mechanics, napkins, presentation and proper service, wine service, table settings and storage. The module alone includes a certificate of completion.

Chief Stewardess Course

Do you already have a year of experience as a stewardess and are ready to take the next step? Click here.

What other qualifications will I need?

Stewardesses and Stewards also require STCW95 certification. Superyacht Crew Academy can assist with this requirement if you are not already qualified.

When do the courses run?

See the reservation form below. You can take the 5 day course all at once or one day at a time to suit your time frame.

Where do the courses take place?

The course is run from the Superyacht Crew Academy's modern new hospitality training annexe in Warriewood and our headquarters at Newport Anchorage Marina, Newport, 45mins North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, CLICK HERE

How much do the courses cost? -


    AUD $1550 (Package Price if booked with STCW95 $3270 – saving $175)

  • Includes CD manual; practical; theory; RIB power boat & interior crew certificates

OR CHOOSE Any 1 or 2 day short course for tuition in specific services, recommended to add to your resume, or as a refresher to build on your existing skills.

  • 2 day Superyacht Industry Rules & Resumes, & Seamanship (including RIB Tender certificate) - AUD$720
  • Silver Service Practical - AUD$450
  • Interior Detailing, Laundry and Valet  - AUD$390
  • Other Services, Floral Artistry, Wines, Bartending - AUD$390


We are able to offer you a special $175 savings if you book to take the STCW95 course (back to back) at the same time you book the 5 day Stewardess courses. Just select a suitable date for "STCW95" in the sign up below. 

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5 Day Complete Steward/ess Training Course

Or, you can schedule one or more days from the courses below.

2 day Superyacht Industry Rules & Seamanship
(including RIB Tender certificate)

1 day Silver Service

1 day - Interior detailing/laundry/valet

1 day -  Other services, floral artistry , bartending, wine & food preparation

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