STCW 95/10 MCA Approved Proficiency in First Aid (3 Days) & Proficiency in Medical Care (5 days)

Medical Care on board STCW 95/10 course, MedAire training and certification for medical emergencies.

First Aid and Medical Care training will move you to the head of the line for getting hired for any Superyacht Crew position.

STCW95 life raft training

Training for Medical Emergencies at Sea

Medical emergencies on board a yacht at sea require quick and accurate responses.

MedAire, an International SOS company teams up with the Superyacht Crew Academy to provide First Aid and Medical Care training for superyacht crews to recognise and manage illness and injuries.

Medical experts, who understand remote medical care and the stringent maritime regulations, developed the MedAire training packages to provide hands-on, comprehensive medical instruction, specifically tailored for superyacht crews.


Training Goals:

  • Recognize, manage and cope with illness and injury (i.e., asthma, burns, cardiac arrest, choking, shock, etc.)
  • Find and use onboard medical equipment
  • Practice a medical scenario by calling MedAire’s MedLink Global Response Center
  • Study the most current medical issues
  • Manage patient care based on real-life medical events 
Training Programme Certificate approval Length of Course
STCW’95 Proficiency in Medical First Aid MCA / USCG  3 days
STCW’95 Proficiency in Medical Care on Board MCA / USCG 5 days


Training Options

Crew members may attend 3 days or 5 days of training depending on the certification required.

Proficiency in Medical First Aid On Board (3-day)

The three-day course provides training in basic first aid and graduates will receive a MCA Approved Proficiency in First Aid Certificate.

The three-day course curriculum includes:

  • Dealing with medical emergencies
  • Resuscitation & CPR
  • Timeline of Survival
  • Casualty handling and the unconscious casualty
  • Shock
  • Bleeding, wounds and injuries
  • Burns
  • Head injuries, fractures & dislocation
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Spinal injuries

Proficiency in Medical Care On Board (5-day)

Applicants for the five-day course must have a Proficiency in First Aid certification taken within the past 5 years. Graduates of the 5 day course will thus have a total of 8 days of training required for an MCA Approved Masters in Medical Care certificate.

The five-day course curriculum includes:

  • An introduction to MedAire and the MedLink Service
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical and traumatic emergencies
  • Marine injuries and poisonings
  • Onboard oxygen treatment
  • Travel medicine
  • Precautions and protection from blood borne pathogens and infectious disease
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Patient assessment
  • Medical kit review
  • Wound management
  • Invasive procedures
  • Ongoing patient care

Superyacht Training Location

The course is run from our Marina Office in Newport NSW Australia and the Superyacht Crew Academy Training Facility at 8 Kalinya Street, Newport. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, CLICK HERE

What is the cost of the STCW 95+10 Medical courses?

3 days STCW 95+10 Proficiency in First Aid Onboard Ship- AUD $850
5 days STCW 95+10 Proficiency in Medical Care Onboard Ship- AUD $1,200
Both courses are MCA approved

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