10 Reasons to train with Superyacht crew academy.

Here are 10 reasons why the Superyacht Crew Academy Maritime Institute is the best choice for your future career as a crew member on Superyachts

IYT international yacht training

1. international acceptance of your qualifications

International Yacht Training Certificates are recognized by the Maritime Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom (MCA), the US Coastguard, and 25 Governments around the world. No other organisation offers as diverse a range of nautical training or is as internationally accepted as IYT Worldwide. More information on IYT acceptance.

government acceptance

2. Dual Certifications

Your training programme for Deckhand will also qualify you for an Australian General Purpose Hand certification. If you already have an IYT MOY Ltd or RYA Yachtmaster this can be used towards training as a Master 24m. With an Australian certificate you can begin working on Australian registered vessels as soon as you graduate.

All IYT courses may optionally qualify you for the European International Certificate of Competency. You will need this extra certificate if you plan to work on yachts operating in the coastal and inland waters of Europe.

3. Get qualified quickly.

Our courses are intensive, get-it-done-now programmes. This makes it easier for you to take off time to do the course, less expensive if you are coming from overseas or another state, and of course, faster for you to start earing money with your new rating.

4. Recognised Training Organisation

Superyacht Crew Academy is a nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO registration no. 91462) as well as a NSW Roads and Maritime Services and ASQA approved training provider. This means we are accredited to teach and issue the training certificates required. Crew will be eligible to sit an oral examination and obtain an Australian certification.

5. Expert, experienced Instructors

Superyacht Crew Academy instructors, have many years of experience aboard superyachts and commercial vessels and the International Yacht Training Curriculum was designed by years of collaboration and effort of like-minded sailing professionals. You can be confident of a complete and friendly learning experience.

6. Small Classes = Personal Attention

Most of your lessons will take place aboard one of our training yachts with only 4 to 5 like-minded students and a highly qualified instructor. Our graduates enjoy continued personal support via email and phone.

7. Train aboard a yacht

Actual sea time is vital to developing your skills and self-confidence. Most courses include practical sea time training aboard modern, registered training yachts. We also organise cruises along the Australian coast to help you meet criteria for sea time.

8. Guaranteed work experience

Immediately after the training course, deckhands and steward/ess will have the opportunity to gain work experience face to face with guests. This is a great way to put your newfound skills into play cruising Sydney Harbour and it will be a real bonus for your resume to have your guest service and seamanship skills with sea miles logged off by the Captain.

9. Excellent cruising grounds for practical sea training.

Pittwater, Broken Bay, and the Hawksberry areas afford year-round cruising in calm, protected waters. Many of the cruising exercises are done within the picturesque Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. Read more about our cruising grounds.

10. convenient training location

Superyacht Crew Academy is located at Pittwater on Sydney's Northern Beaches, 45 minutes north of the CBD. Superyacht Crew Academy's training annexe and marina offer a yacht friendly environment close to the beaches, accommodation, restaurants, and shopping areas.