This IYT Deckhand Training Course is a professional qualification unlike the recreational sailing “Competent Crew” course which is being offered through other superyacht training providers.

The IYT Deckhand Training Course certification is the only internationally recognised qualification for deckhands. Your graduation certificate will be accredited by International Yacht Training (IYT) Worldwide, who has recognition with 25 governments across the globe.

NSW GOVERNMENT FUNDING maybe available for NSW residents please see further eligibility criteria here.

superyacht deck crew training

A deckhand carries out his or her duties under the direction and authority of the captain via the first officer and/or bosun. A deckhand's duties include keeping the yacht’s exterior and deck equipment clean and exquisitely maintained, assisting in watch keeping and navigational support, guest services and docking procedures.

Other useful qualifications, like SCUBA diving, IT skills, photography, welding, carpentry, metal working, will improve your Superyacht Crew Job prospects and make you a more valuable crew member. Outstanding physical endurance, athletic skills, and a pleasant disposition are important for a career aboard Superyachts.

The 7 day International Yacht Training (IYT) course provides the theoretical and practical skills required to be an active crew member onboard a superyacht. Both power and sail superyacht skills are covered in the course, which will increase your opportunities for placement once you graduate.

3 Deckhand Certifications

Graduates receive three international certificates recognized by the MCA, US Coast Guard, 25 governments, and all major crew placement agencies.

  • IYT Superyacht Deck Crew including Small Powerboat & RIB Master
  • IYT VHF Radio Operator Certificate
  • PLUS, as a bonus, you will receive an Australian General Purpose Hand Qualification ‘Certificate I in Maritime Operations’ to work in Australia.

Our Internationally Recognised Certifications are your entrée to getting a job aboard a Superyacht

The MCA Approved IYT Deckhand Training Course is the only internationally recognised qualification for superyacht deckhand crews. Your graduation certificate will be accredited by International Yacht Training (IYT) Worldwide, who has recognition with 25 governments across the globe. The RIB tender certificate is approved by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).

In addition, Superyacht Crew Academy is an Australian Nationally Recognised Registered Training Organisation and if you complete the STCW 95 training with us you will also qualify for a ‘Statement of Attainment’ known as the Shipboard Safety Skill Set. This certificate will allow you to work on Australian commercial vessels.

The Superyacht Crew Academy has established over the years a global network with leading recruitment agencies overseas and within Australia. All of these Superyacht Crew recruitment agencies ‘acknowledge’ and welcome the IYT Professional Superyacht Interior Crew certification.

Work Experience before heading overseas

Immediately after the training course, deckhands and steward/ess will have the opportunity to gain work experience face to face with guests. This is a great way to put your newfound skills into play cruising Sydney Harbour and it will be a real bonus for your resume to have your guest service with sea miles logged off by the Captain.


Deckhand is the entry level course for superyacht crew. You can sign on for the course if you have a reasonable command of the English language, are over 18 years old, in good health, and without colour blindness.

Superyacht Deckhand Crew Program


superyacht crew


  • Introduction to the Superyacht Industry


  • Exclusive Tour of a Superyacht
  • Meet and Greet the Captain & Crew
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Learn about the Industry, Life Onboard
  • What they look for when employing crew
  • Captains Expectations


  • Professional Decorum and Social Skills
  • Resumes/Interviewing
  • Crew Agreements & Agencies
  • Personal Appearance & Hygiene
Superyacht deckhand


  • Nautical Knowledge
  • Navigation Theory
  • Compasses and chartwork
  • Lifting & Rigging
  • Shipboard Safety
  • Emergency Drills
  • Vessel Manoeuvring
  • Learn to Sail
  • Collision regulations
  • Watchkeeping
  • Introduction to weather
  • Code of Safe Working Practices


Overnight Onboard

Practical seamanship training

Practical Navigation:

  • Navigation
  • Taking Bearings
  • Fix vessels position
  • Navigation Passage

Practical Vessel Handling:

  • Coming alongside wharves
  • Mooring techniques
  • Anchoring procedures
  • Line handling and line throwing techniques
  • Sails and sail handling
  • Emergency Scenarios


  • Day and night Passage to nominated anchorage

Overnight Onboard


Practical & Theory:

  • Deck and seamanship
  • Fire/M.O.B. drills
  • Completion of workbooks
  • Revision for exam

Engineering Knowledge:

  • Engine checks and maintenance

Theory Assessment:

  • Theory Assessment for IYT Superyacht Crew
  • General Purpose Hand
  • VHF/HF Radio
  • IYT RIB Master

Practical Navigation Assessment:

  • Night Watchkeeping
  • Passage from fixed point back to Pittwater
  • Night pilotage using IALA and blind navigation techniques

Overnight Onboard

VHF radio

Practical Onboard:

  • Brightwork/ Varnishing
  • Preparation of Surfaces
  • Application Techniques
  • Product Knowledge
  • Teak Maintenance

Superyacht Practical:

  • Exterior Wash Down
  • Techniques
  • Servicing Deck Gear
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Stainless Polishing
  • Cleaning Windows
VHF radio

RIB - Theory:

  • Boat theory
  • RIB Safety
  • Lights/sound signals
  • General seamanship
  • Vessel handling theory
  • Anchors & anchoring
  • Weather
  • Nautical Terminology


  • Line throwing techniques
  • Knots
  • Splicing
  • Types of Ropes
  • Fendering


  • VHF/HF Radio Operation
  • Phonetic alphabet
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Bridge Equipment
  • Radio Procedures
VHF radio

RIB - Practical:

  • Pre-launch /pre departure checks
  • Refuelling procedures
  • RIB Handling Techniques Under Power
  • Coming Alongside vessels and wharves
  • Procedures for berthing and securing vessel
  • MOB procedures
  • Engine checks
  • Knots and rope work
  • VHF radio practical
  • Dinghy launching & recovery
  • Bridge equipment
  • Conducting safety briefings

Theory Assessments:

  • RIB Theory Exam
  • Radio Assessment

Graduation & Presentation



Course Content: The IYT Superyacht Crew Course is a very hands on practical course, you will spend 3 nights onboard completing different tasks and experience life living onboard a vessel in the magical waters of Pittwater and Cowan Creek regions. Students are required to participate in all practical tasks including taking command of the vessel.

Accommodation: From Tuesday evening through to Friday morning you will be living and sleeping onboard the vessel. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and a pillow. Check with us about local youth hostel accommodation for the other nights during your course.

Sun Sense & Equipment: Please bring a hat, sunglasses, sun cream (also available onboard), change of clothes (minimal wardrobe needed), wet weather jacket, toilet kit, any special medicine you may need to take (we have a first aid kit aboard). Be sure to pack this in a flexible soft bag as there is no room aboard for hard luggage.

Meals: Meals will be provided for the days/ evening where you will be staying onboard. If you have any food allergies or special requests please advise us when booking the course.

Training Location

The course is run from our Marina Office in Newport NSW Australia and the Superyacht Crew Academy Training Facility at 8 Kalinya Street, Newport. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, click here.


Deckhands also require STCW 95+10 certification. Superyacht Crew Academy can assist with this requirement if you are not already qualified.

When do the courses run?

  • 20-26 March 2017
  • 3-9 April 2017
  • 24-30 April 2017
  • 8-14 May 2017
  • 12-18 Jun 2017
  • 24-30 July 2017
  • 21-27 Aug 2017
  • 18-27 Sept 2017
  • 09-15 Oct 2017
  • 30 Oct – 05 Nov 2017
  • 20-26 Nov 2017
  • 11-17 Dec 2017
  • 15-21 Jan 2018
  • 05-11 Feb 2018
  • 26 Feb – 04 Mar 2018
  • 19-25 Mar 2018
  • 09-15 Apr 2018
  • 07-13 May 2018


The 7 Day IYT Superyacht Crew Deckhand training package is by far the most Professional Deckhand Course delivered in Australia. In addition to receiving the Professional MCA Accreditation you will gain the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure you are confident and competent at performing deckhand tasks onboard a superyacht. This course will definitely ensure you stand out when applying for a job.

The course includes: 3 Deckhand Certifications which are recognized by the MCA, US Coast Guard, 25 governments, and all major crew placement agencies.

Price AUD $2395

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Save $235 by booking the STCW 95+10 course at the same time you book the 7 Day Deckhand course. Package price $4,410 - STCW 95+10 is compulsory for all crew on superyachts.

Includes all training materials for practicals & theory; IYT Log Book; Exam and Certification fees.