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Internationally Recognised Training for Stewardesses and Stewards

The Superyacht Elementary Superyacht Interior Crew course is an entry level course into the world of superyachts. Successful completion of this course will allow you to work as an interior crew yacht Stewardess or Steward on superyachts of any size anywhere in the world. This course is ideally suited for people who have limited time to complete a basic Superyacht Hospitality course. We recommend training in our Professional Superyacht Interior Crew course if you are new to the Superyacht Industry, and wish to expand your knowledge and skills base required for Superyacht Hospitality.

yacht stewardess training course

The Elementary Superyacht Interior Crew Course will provide you with multiple skills and a professional knowledge of your role onboard as a Superyacht Stewardess or Steward. Students will be taught a variety of skills including flower arranging, ironing, interior care, silver service and other service techniques, wine appreciation and barista training. Successful graduates can confidently accept any Steward/ess assignment on superyachts anywhere in the world. You will graduate with the internationally recognised IYT Worldwide certificate for Professional Superyacht Hospitality.

This 5 day course places great emphasis on the essentials of good service as well as giving you the theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an active crew member onboard a superyacht.


All successful graduates receive the international IYT Professional Superyacht Hospitality certificate.

Our Internationally Recognised Certifications are your entrée to getting a job aboard a Superyacht

The IYT Professional Superyacht Interior Crew certification is the only internationally recognised qualification for superyacht interior crews. Your graduation certificate will be accredited by International Yacht Training (IYT) Worldwide, who has recognition with 25 governments across the globe.

In addition, Superyacht Crew Academy is an Australian Nationally Recognised Registered Training Organisation and if you complete the STCW 95 training with us you will also qualify for a ‘Statement of Attainment’ known as the Shipboard Safety Skill Set. This certificate will allow you to work on Australian commercial vessels.

The Superyacht Crew Academy has established over the years a global network with leading recruitment agencies overseas and within Australia. All of these Superyacht Crew recruitment agencies ‘acknowledge’ and welcome the IYT Professional Superyacht Interior Crew certification.


This is the entry level course for superyacht crew and anyone with a reasonable command of the English language, who is over 18 years old, in good health, and without colour blindness can sign up for the course.

Either before or after you start your Steward/essStewardess or Steward training you will need to have completed a six day STCW95+10 Basic Safety Course (Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers), that is compulsory for all crew on superyachts.

The STCW95+10 gives you the minimum standard of qualification required to work on vessels of any size and equips you with a detailed understanding of what to do in the event of marine emergencies.

Superyacht Crew Academy conducts regular STCW95+10 courses in Sydney during which you will study safety and sea survival, first aid and CPR, fire fighting including use of breathing apparatus and personal and social responsibilities and vessel security. The STCW 95 can be packaged with the Stewardess or Steward course or you can do the two separately. Click here to view our STCW 95 course.


super yacht stewardess training

An excellent Stewardess or Steward is polite, well groomed and lively. The skills needed to perform a stewardess job are not difficult to learn but the attitude and art of good service is something that takes training and practice. A stewardess requires a blend of responsibility, maturity and self-discipline along with a great sense of humour and pride of exceptional performance with meticulous attention to detail both in assigned duties and in personal presentation.

Some of the skills and knowledge necessary to be a Stewardess or Steward are

  • Security, confidentiality and privacy issues
  • Professional etiquette in communication, personal hygiene, appearance and attitude
  • International protocol and correct forms of address
  • All styles of food service and entertainment planning
  • Provisioning and product inventories
  • Decanting, purchasing, service and storage of fine wines
  • Impeccable care of exotic furnishings, finishes and fabrics
  • Total laundry procedures
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Guest care and valet services

Course Description:

Stewardess or Steward Superyacht Interior Crew Training Course

Stewardess and Deckhand

5 day Complete Stewardess Training Course: The complete training course makes certain you will stand out from other new comers to the industry when you start hunting for a Stewardess position on a Superyacht. The IYT Professional Superyacht Hospitality certification is the only internationally recognised qualification for Stewardess or Stewards worldwide. Study a number of required skills required to excel in the Steward/ess role, and learn essential techniques for achieving excellence as an interior crew member.

Program for the Superyacht Stewardess or Steward training course

superyacht stewardess certification flowers
  • Become familiar with cleaning standards & supplies and the use of products
  • Learn how to use whitegoods, irons, presses and other laundry equipment found on Superyachts
  • Interior and exterior detailing
  • Cabin cleaning and preparation, bed making, & turn-down service
  • General housekeeping
  • Cleaning with guests onboard and in non-guest periods
  • Laundry products and stain removal advice and hints for success
superyacht stewardess training course silver service
  • Silver Service: French, Russian, British, American & Chinese
  • Table settings
  • Napkin folding
  • Identification glassware, cutlery & service utensils
  • Care and storage of fine china, silverware, stemware
  • Serving order, meal sequence and clearing order
  • Plated & other types of Service
superyacht stewardess certification flowers
  • Dietary requirements: vegetarian, Kosher, Muslim & others
  • Alcohol serving
    • Provide advice on Australian & Imported wines
    • Decanting, purchasing, service and storage of fine wines
    • Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs
    • Food & beverage matching
    • Cheese tasting
  • Barista Training
    • Use & maintenance of machine
    • Roasting & origin
    • Extraction of coffee
    • Milk texturising
    • Pouring techniques
    • Coffee art
    • Cleaning & maintenance of machine
  • Fruit basket presentation
  • Food safety and hygiene
superyacht stewardesss job cocktails
  • Flower appreciation & caring for flowers
  • Hints on floral arrangements & vases

Chief Stewardess Course

Do you already have a year of experience as a stewardess and are ready to take the next step? Yacht Chief Stewardess.

What other qualifications will I need?

Stewardesses and Stewards also require STCW 95+10 certification. If you do not currently hold a valid STCW 95+10 certificate Superyacht Crew Academy can assist with this requirement and offer great package deals if you book the two course together (see below for package deal prices)

Most captains require all members of their crew to be able to operate the superyacht tender, to use a VHF radio and to know the basic rules that govern life aboard a ship. For students in the 5 Day Basic Steward/ess course, Small Power Boat & RIB training is available to add to your course, which will allow you to obtain the IYT Small Power Boat & RIB Master (MCA Approved). This certification will make you a more desirable employee, and help you to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

The Superyacht Crew Academy also hold a 12 Day Advanced Stewardess and Deckhand training course. This course covers the entire 5 Day Basic Stewardess course, as well as giving crew the added benefit of Deckhand training, allowing you to be employed in all entry level roles on board a superyacht. As well as the IYT Superyacht Professional Hospitality and IYT Small Powerboat & RIB Master certification, this training course also gives you the IYT Superyacht Deck Crew, IYT VHF Radio Operator certification, and Australian General Purpose Hand ‘Certificate 1 in Maritime Operations’ certification.

When do the courses run?

  • Sept: 9-13 & 23*
  • Oct: 14-18 & 28*
  • Nov: 18-22 & 2 Dec*
*Induction day - included FREE when you book the STCW95+10 package course!

Where do the courses take place?

The course is run from our Marina Office in Newport NSW Australia and the Superyacht Crew Academy Training Facility at 8 Kalinya Street, Newport. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, Superyacht Training Facilities


5 day Complete Stewardess or Steward training package - The complete training package and most likely to put you at the head of the list for crew positions includes all training materials for practicals & theory.

Price AUD $1,995

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