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Start with zero experience, and in 11 weeks become qualified to be the Captain on Superyachts up to 200 ton, registered in 23 countries, wherever they are in the world.

superyacht first mate 200ton.

IYT master of yachts 200ton

Sign up for the Fastrack to IYT Master of Yachts 200ton training programme, and go from zero experience aboard yachts, to the level of a captain certification on superyachts registered in 23 countries, no matter where the yacht is located.

Superyacht Captains are responsible for the safe operation of the vessel in port and at sea, and are also personal assistants to the owner, financial accountants for crew salaries, charter expenditures, and crew recruitment agents. Captains are in charge of every aspect of yacht management.

Chief Mates work closely with the Captain, Engineer, Deck & Interior Crew, maintaining a level of perfection on deck. Chief Mates need to be well versed in the art of polishing, varnishing, outboard engine maintenance & repair, navigational & boat handling skills, scuba diving certification and expertise, safe fuelling techniques and again yacht etiquette all become an integral part of a Mate's duties.

Fastrack to Moy 200ton Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to enter the Fastrack program. Anyone with a reasonable command of the English language, who is over 18 years old, in good health, and without colour blindness, can sign up for the course. This intensive practical and theory training course, on sail and power vessels, is designed for all kinds of people, from GAP year and University students, young men and woman, and those looking for a career change. It is assumed that, before starting this course, that you have no or little experience in boating or yachting.

The main features of the Fastrack to MOY 200ton training course

The 11 week training package is for people with no prior experience, who wish to become Captain on commercial and private vessels up to 200tons. There is also the option to add an extra week’s training, at no extra cost, to complete the Professional Superyacht Hospitality course.

During the course, you will live both aboard our training vessels, as well as being provided with on-shore accommodation during your theoretical training weeks. The course starts with practical and theoretical training from the mandatory STCW95+10 Basic Safety Training, right through to IYT MOY 200ton. The training programme includes an offshore mile-building trip, to help you gain your sea time hours and miles, as well as work experience so you will be ready to start work upon successfully completing the course and final examination.


Welcome to your first day. This safety course is the mandatory safety requirement and certification to work on maritime vessels anywhere in the world. Learn how to deal with any emergency whilst on board - in the middle of the ocean you are the emergency response team! The STCW95+10 course will cover sea survival, fire fighting, first aid, personal safety and social responsibility and security awareness, through theoretical and practical training. On completion of this course, you will receive the MCA accredited Marshall Islands IYT STCW95+10 certificate, as well as a National Statement of Attainment for Shipboard Safety Skill Set and Provide First Aid. Full details of the STCW95+10 Course


This Superyacht Deck Crew course will cover all the skills and knowledge required to start in the role of junior Deckhand. You will cover seamanship, superyacht maintenance and vessel handling, as well as basic navigation, passage planning, and night watchkeeping. Set yourself up for the industry, by spending time and training on a real Superyacht in Sydney Harbour. This course will qualify you for the MCA accredited certifications of the IYT Superyacht Deck Crew including Small Powerboat & RIB Master certificate, and the IYT VHF Radio Operators certification. It also qualifies you for the National Certificate I in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal) qualification, for crew wanting to work in Australia. Full details of the Superyacht Deck Crew Course


The Coxswain Navigation course is the first of a two part Coxswain course. This course is an extension on the basic navigation and collision regulations learnt during the Superyacht Deck Crew course. During the 4 days, you will be taught intermediate level navigation, collision regulations, passage planning, night pilotage and vessel positioning. Full details of the Coxswain Course.


Knowing how to use and operate a Long Range radio is a very important skill to have onboard a Superyacht, and an internationally recognised LROCP (long range operator’s certificate of proficiency) certification makes you a very desirable employee. This one day workshop will teach you radio operation, types of marine radios, rules and regulations governing the use of radios, and different calls to ships and the shore. This workshop is followed by the LROCP exam. Full details of the LROCP Course.


Offshore mile builders are specific nautical sea mile builders to help you gain further experience and seatime hours for your Master of Yachts certifications. This 13 day passage will explore parts of the magnificent Australian coastline and ocean, under the professional tuition of your Yacht Training instructor, with 24 hour motoring, sailing and watch keeping. You will take command as a skipper and accept responsibilities associated with pre departure checks, victualling, passage planning, vessel handling skills, knots and splicing, machinery and system checks, tides and currents, dealing with adverse weather conditions, picking up moorings, anchoring and coming alongside marinas and jetties. Night motoring, sailing & navigation, navigation and pilotage are practiced along with crew management and basic leadership skills. Full details of the Offshore Mile builder.


The best thing that you could have on your resume, to put you ahead of all your other competitors when applying for jobs, is work experience inside the industry. Spend a few days working on board Superyachts in Sydney Harbour or Pittwater and put your new skills to use, and get a feel for what is expected when you start in the industry. Plus, the opportunity to make connections with other crew and find potential referees is very valuable; so use your work experience wisely and network!


The Coxswain Engineering course is the second of the two part Coxswain course. At the successful completion of this course, you will be issued with an Australian Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal). This course covers basic engineering, useful to know on board a Superyacht, as most engineering issues will need to be fixed whilst still at sea. This course covers environmental practices, inboard and outboard motors, main propulsion unit and auxiliary systems, and complying with regulations. Further sea service and a final oral examination is required to achieve the certificate of competency. Full details of the Coxswain Course.


MED3 Engineering is a speciality engineering course, to advance upon the basic knowledge obtained in the Coxswain engineering course. At the successful completion of this course, you will be issued with an Australian Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 Near Coastal) Further sea service and a final oral examination is required to achieve the certificate of competency.


After a full orientation by your Yacht Training instructor, you will set sail into the magnificent waterways of Pittwater. The focus will be on many days of practical power and/or sailing during daylight and night hours, points of sail, steering, sail trimming, reefing, man overboard, practical boat handling, safety, theory, tender boat driving and lots more. You will be learning theory combined with practical sailing onboard and ashore and enjoy a week out on the water with fellow crew participating in all sorts of water acvtivites.


The Master of Yachts 200 ton Mate certification is MCA accredited, and highly sought after within the industry. This course will allow you to crew up to the rank of Captain on vessels up to 200 tons, within a limited range of 60 nautical miles offshore or be a Chief Mate on vessels up to 200 tons, up to 150 nautical miles offshore. This ticket is the highlight of the Fastrack program, and brings together all of the skills and knowledge you have attained in preceding courses. The first week comprises of theoretical shore-based learning, covering tides and currents, navigation, meteorology, collision regulations and general maritime law. The second week is the practical week, where you live aboard and conduct practical training and assessments, including performing seamanship operations, passage planning, maintaining a navigation watch, performing routine maintenance and acting as a Captain to manage and motivate crew. Successful completion of this course will give you the full commercially endorsed internationally recognized MCA approved IYT Master of Yachts Mate or Limited certification. The IYT Master of Yachts Mate prerequisites are covered as part of the Fastrack program, however should you have prior experience and seatime you may be eligible to complete the Limited level instead of the Mate level, this will be determined upon booking. Please see the relevant website links below for information on each program. Full details of the Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200ton Course. Full details of the Master of Yachts Limited Course.

Important: Completing the course modules does not guarantee passing the final exam. We will teach you everything you need to know to pass, but actually passing the exam depends on you, your performance and the amount of study you are prepared to put in.


The Superyacht Crew Academy also offers this additional optional course at the end of the Fastrack program, free of charge, to those Fastrack students wishing to train as a Steward or Stewardess. This five day course covers the skills required to excel as a member of the interior crew, in subjects such as floral arranging, interior maintenance and caring for and cleaning surfaces, housekeeping, wardrobe management, vessel detailing, cigar and wine knowledge, and service styles, including preparing for and serving a silver service lunch. This course is a must for any crew wishing to multiskill themselves, to become a more desirable employee and be able to be called upon by their yacht to assist in the interior when required. This course will qualify you to receive the IYT Professional Superyacht Hospitality certification.Full details of the Superyacht Professional Hospitality Course.

Total Length of training

The total length of the Fastrack program is 11 weeks (+ 1 week for optional Professional Superyacht Hospitality), and taking the courses in sequence, one after the other, will give you the maximum benefit and continuity of training. However you can also take the courses individually, and set your own pace, providing there is a place available.


Fastrack Superyacht Sail training

Practical inshore training will depart from our Newport marina and be within the waterways of Pittwater and the lower Hawkesbury region. This waterway is flanked by the Kuringai National Park boasting lush green sub tropical vegetation and secluded sandy beaches. More about cruising in Pittwater, Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury

Offshore milebuilders will sail from Pittwater north or south along the east coast of New South Wales.

Location of shore based training

Shore based theory is run from Superyacht Crew Academy’s head office and training facility at 8A Kalinya Street, Newport, NSW, 2106, Australia. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, Click Here.

Accommodation and meals

All accommodation is included in the course price from the night prior to course commencement up until the last day you finish the program. Accommodation and delicious healthy meals during the onboard practical training and milebuilders are included in the Fastrack course. Meals during leisure time and all other courses are at your own expense. Accommodation during the shore based components will be disclosed upon booking.


Click Here to download a PDF file with a detailed, printable summary of the course and accommodation schedule

Medical Information

All candidates enrolling in this program must undertake a medical exam and eyesight colour blindness test PRIOR to enrolling into the course. Click on the Medical Exam page for further explanation and please contact us to clarify any queries you may have.


International IYT qualifications:

  • IYT STCW95+10
  • IYT Superyacht Deck Crew including Small Powerboat & RIB Master
  • IYT VHF Radio Operator
  • IYT Bareboat Skipper
  • IYT ICC (International Certificate of Competency)
  • IYT Professional Superyacht Hospitality (added bonus, optional)
  • IYT Master of Yachts Mate or Limited (depending on prior experience and sea time)
National & AMSA qualifications:
  • Certificate I in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal)
  • Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal) – Further sea service and final oral examination is required to achieve the certificate of competency.
  • Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 Near Coastal) – Further sea service and final oral examination is required to achieve the certificate of competency.
  • Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP)


AUD $18,495 - This course is a worthwhile investment into your future, for all crew wishing to pursue a Superyacht or maritime career. This comprehensive training program will open up job opportunities that will earn the price of the Fastrack program back very quickly.

The cost includes:

  • All courses and mile builder trip
  • Digital Course Manuals and Training materials during program
  • IYT Personal sea time Log Book
  • Course charts and navigation equipment during program
  • Fully provisioned meals on practical live aboards and offshore milebuilders
  • All accommodation onboard and onshore
  • All international and national qualifications/certifications as stated above

(IMPORTANT: We recommend that you take out Travel Insurance to safeguard you against the unlikely circumstances of you needing to cancel a course booking or unforeseen medical emergencies)

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