Log offshore sea-miles with Superyacht Crew Academy

Build offshore sea time with the Superyacht Crew Academy Offshore Milebuilder.

The Superyacht Crew Academy offers adventure offshore milebuilding passages to assist you in gaining sea time, with encouragement and high quality training by our professional yachtmasters.

Entry into the Master of Yachts 200ton commercial courses require logged offshore sea miles. For example you will need to have logged 800 nautical miles for the limited rating and 3,000 nautical miles for the unlimited rating.

Experiencing 24 hour sailing on watch, taking the helm as skipper and watch leader, will build your skill and confidence during these 12 days of adventure training. All crew will depart and return to Pittwater, Newport, on the offshore trips.

The Superyacht Crew Academy will take eight crew on a fantastic sailing adventure to either the wilds of Port Stephens & Broughton Island (70nm North of Pittwater) or the tranquility of Jervis Bay (90nm South of Pittwater), dependent on weather conditions and forecasts at the time of departure.

This is your cruise, and as a group, with the help of our Offshore Yacht Training Instructor, you can plan your days of discovery as you wish before we depart.

The Passages can be done in 6 day or 12 day voyages

Some of our destination ports

Sydney Harbour (10 miles South of Pittwater)

The world famous Sydney Harbour is actually known officially as Port Jackson.

There can be few harbours in the world where you can take in world renowned sites like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House with just one casual glance. Nature has been kind to the Harbour, and there are a number of attractive headlands scattered along its 20km length.

Jervis Bay (90 miles South of Pittwater)

Jervis Bay is truly one of the most natural oases along the New South Wales coast. Protected by towering sandstone cliffs and fed by oceanic currents, its close proximity to the Continental Shelf ensures nutrient rich water. White sandy beaches lead to thick unspoiled bush with the occasional small rainforest less than 200 metres from the shore.

Bowen Island at the southern side is home to a large colony of Fairy Penguins as well as home to White Bellied Sea Eagles and several other seabirds.

Broughton Island (70 miles North of Pittwater)

Broughton Island is part of the Myall Lakes National Park. It is always an adventure to visit with sandy beaches, volcanic peaks and stunted, wind-swept vegetation. The sea journey is a kaleidoscope of sea cliffs, swells, terns, flying fish, dolphins and salt spray.

Coffs Harbour ( 160 Miles North of Pittwater)

Coffs Harbour is one of the safest harbours between Newcastle and Brisbane.

The city has a population of over 60,000 and is famous for its beaches, forest hinterlands, pastoral settings and the Solitary Islands Marine Reserve.


includes accommodation & meals onboard; boat fee

6 day leg AUD $1700

12 day leg AUD $3200

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