Superyacht Interior Crew and Deckhand Package

All crew members are required to complete the STCW 95+10 training modules.


The course is 22 days (4 weeks) in total and is reflected in the following order. Candidates are only eligible to enrol in this course if they meet the minimum entry requirements.

Week 1 – Interior Crew: Mon-Fri (5 days)

*Week Gap Here*

Week 2 & 3 – STCW95+10: Mon-Sat & Mon-Tue (8 days)

Week 3 & 4 – Superyacht Deckhand: Wed-Sat & Mon-Fri (9 days)

Contact us for alternative scheduling options.


Apr/May: (1 week gap)
Week 1: 2124 & 26*
Weeks 2&3: 06-11 & 13-14
Weeks 3&4: 15-18 & 20-24

May/Jun: (2 week gap)
Week 1: 20-24
Weeks 2&3: 10-15 & 17-18
Weeks 3&4: 19-22 & 24-28

Jun/Jul: (1 week gap)

Week 1: 24-28
Weeks 2&3: 08-13 & 15-16
Weeks 3&4: 17-20 & 22-26

Jul/Aug: (1 week gap)

Week 1: 22-26
Weeks 2&3: 05-10 & 12-13
Weeks 3&4: 14-17 & 19-23

Aug/Sep: (1 week gap)

Week 1: 19-23
Weeks 2&3: 02-07 & 09-10
Weeks 3&4: 11-14 & 16-20

Sep/Oct: (1 week gap)

Week 1: 16-20
Weeks 2&3: 30-05 & 07-08
Weeks 3&4: 09-12 & 14-18

Oct/Nov: (1 week gap)

Week 1: 14-18
Weeks 2&3: 28-02 & 04-05
Weeks 3&4: 06-09 & 11-15

Nov/Dec: (1 week gap)

Week 1: 11-15
Weeks 2&3: 25-30 & 02-03
Weeks 3&4: 04-07 & 09-13

*Course run over Sunday due to public holiday




Book and pay in full 4 weeks in advance and you will receive a $250 discount!!! This discount will be applied to your final payment – NB: Contact us before making the final payment to receive the unique promo code necessary to apply the $250 discount.


AUD $5,790

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Superyacht Interior Crew and Deckhand – Package Course

IYT & MCA Internationally recognised training to become a superyacht Steward/ess and Deckhand. The Superyacht Crew Academy’s Superyacht Interior Crew & Deckhand package course is the ultimate training package for all entry level roles on board a Superyacht. Stand out from the crowd and become a confident, multi-skilled crew member. This package course includes the STCW95+10, Interior Crew & Deckhand courses placing great emphasis on becoming a proficient, industry ready, desirable employee. Giving you the theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an active crew member onboard a superyacht. This package is specifically designed to enhance your employment opportunities and set you on your pathway as a Steward/ess & Deckhand. If you don’t have a background and extensive experience in the maritime or hospitality industries this is certainly the course for you.

This course allows you the freedom to work as a Steward/ess, Deckhand, or both in a combined role on board a Superyacht. This package course opens more employment opportunities, as many of the smaller yachts prefer fewer employees that can work in several dual roles on board. The course ensures students become job ready, receive resume and career advice, participate in interview roleplays and undertake further crew management training. Successful graduates can confidently accept any Steward/ess, Deckhand or combined role on superyachts anywhere in the world.

The STCW95+10 is a 8 day basic safety training course that is compulsory for all crew on superyachts. The STCW95+10 gives you the minimum standard of qualification required to work on vessels of any size and equips you with a detailed understanding of what to do in the event of marine emergencies. You will study safety and sea survival, first aid and CPR, fire fighting including use of breathing apparatus, personal and social responsibilities and vessel security.

Superyacht Interior Crew course covers training in industry rules, silver service, interior detailing, floristry, wine appreciation, bartending, laundry and other specialised yachting services. This course will provide you with multiple skills and a professional knowledge of your role onboard as a Superyacht Steward or Stewardess.

A deckhand’s duties include keeping the yacht’s exterior and deck equipment clean and exquisitely maintained, assisting in watch keeping and navigational support, guest services and docking procedures. The Superyacht Deckhand course covers extensive training in these areas and provides the theoretical and practical skills required to be a successful Deck crew member onboard a superyacht. Both power and sail superyacht skills are covered in the course, which will increase your opportunities for placement once you graduate.

Certification You Will Achieve

All successful graduates receive the following certification:


  • MCA Recognised STCW95+10
  • MCA recognised IYT Superyacht Deck Crew including Small Powerboat/RIB Master & introduction to VHF radio operations
  • IYT Professional Superyacht Hospitality

AMSA – National

  • Certificate I in Maritime Operations to apply for a General Purpose Hand NC Certificate of Competency(COC). This AMSA (COC) is not recognised for working overseas and is only valid in Australia. You are eligible to receive this qualification as part of your course if you already hold a Statement of Attainment for the AMSA Recognised ‘Shipboard Safety Skill Set’ units of competency where credit transfer will be applied to issue the full qualification. If you hold an STCW certification you would need to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) and pay the $425 fee to be issued with the Certificate I in Maritime Operations qualification.
  • Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency ‘Provide First Aid’

Our Internationally Recognised Certifications Are Your Entry To Getting A Job Aboard A Superyacht

The IYT Superyacht Hospitality certification and MCA Recognised IYT Superyacht Deck Crew certification are the only internationally recognised qualification for superyacht interior crews. Your graduation certificates will be accredited by International Yacht Training (IYT) Worldwide, who has recognition with 25 governments across the globe.

In addition, Superyacht Crew Academy is an Australian Nationally Recognised Registered Training Organisation and since you will complete the STCW95+10 training with us, you will also qualify for a Certificate I in Maritime Operations to apply for a General Purpose Hand NC Certificate of Competency (COC) with AMSA. This certificate will allow you to work on Australian commercial vessels.

The Superyacht Crew Academy has established over the years a global network with leading recruitment agencies overseas and within Australia. All of these Superyacht Crew recruitment agencies ‘acknowledge’ and welcome the IYT International Yacht Training (IYT) Worldwide certifications.


This is the entry level course for superyacht crew and anyone with a reasonable command of the English language, who is over 18 years old, in good health, and without colour blindness can sign up for the course.


An excellent Steward or Stewardess is polite, well groomed and lively. The skills needed to perform a stewardess job are not difficult to learn but the attitude and art of good service is something that takes training and practice. A stewardess requires a blend of responsibility, maturity and self-discipline along with a great sense of humour and pride of exceptional performance with meticulous attention to detail both in assigned duties and in personal presentation.

Some of the skills and knowledge necessary to be a Steward or Stewardess are

  • Security, confidentiality and privacy issues
  • Professional etiquette in communication, personal hygiene, appearance and attitude
  • International protocol and correct forms of address
  • All styles of food service and entertainment planning
  • Provisioning and product inventories
  • Decanting, purchasing, service and storage of fine wines
  • Impeccable care of exotic furnishings, finishes and fabrics
  • Total laundry procedures
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Guest care and valet services

A deckhand carries out his or her duties under the direction and authority of the captain via the first officer and/or bosun. A deckhand’s duties include keeping the yacht’s exterior and deck equipment clean and exquisitely maintained, assisting in watch keeping and navigational support, guest services and docking procedures. Most captains require all members of their crew to be able to operate the superyacht tender, to use a VHF radio and to know the basic rules that govern life aboard a ship. The complete training course makes certain you will stand out from other new comers to the industry when you start hunting for a position on a Superyacht, by giving you the skills to work on both the exterior and the interior of the Superyacht.

Other useful qualifications, like SCUBA diving, IT skills, photography, welding, carpentry, metal working, will improve your Superyacht Crew Job prospects and make you a more valuable crew member. Outstanding physical endurance, athletic skills, and a pleasant disposition are important for a career aboard Superyachts.

Course Description:

Program For The STCW95+10 Course

The STCW95+10 Basic Safety Training course includes five modules:

  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques (Table A – VI/1-1)
  • STCW Basic Fire Prevention & Firefighting (Table A – VI/1-2)
  • STCW Elementary First Aid (Table A – VI/1-3)
  • STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (Table A – VI/1-4)
  • STCW Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness (Reg V1/6 and Part A of Section A – VI/6 Paragraph 4)

Program for the Superyacht Interior Crew & Deckhand Course

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Training Location

The course is run from our Marina Office in Newport NSW Australia and the Superyacht Crew Academy Training Facility at 2 Queens Parade, Newport. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, Superyacht Training Facilities

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