Superyacht Crew Maritime Academy


Superyacht Stewardess/Steward

The 11 day Professional Superyacht Hospitality course is specifically designed to set you on your pathway as a Professional Steward/ess. Successful graduates can confidently accept any Steward/ess assignment on superyachts anywhere in the world. You will graduate with two internationally recognised certificates.

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Master of Yachts Coastal 200ton

Complete this 11 day IYT Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200ton training course and qualify for two internationally recognised certificates to work as the captain or mate aboard a superyacht in coastal waters anywhere in the world.

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Master of Yachts 200ton Limited

Sign on for this 12 day Captain's course and a short bridging course and qualify for the MOY 200ton Limited and the Australian Master up to 24 NC certifications so you can begin working as an officer in coastal waters on Australian commercial vessels or International Superyachts anywhere in the world.
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VHF/HF Long Range Radio Operators Certificate

Sign on for the one day examination to obtain your VHF/HF long range radio operators certificate. Many captains require all crew members to be qualified to operate a VHF and SSB Marine radio.
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Graduate Reviews

Read what our graduates say about the Superyacht Crew Academy and their careers aboard Superyachts.

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Superyacht Crew Maritime Academy

Your future career as crew on Superyachts depends on qualifications and dedication to excellence.
Excellence. That's what people remember.



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Maritime Institute Providing MCA approved International Yachtmaster Training for Superyacht Crew

The Superyacht Crew Academy is a Maritime Institute providing International Yacht Training (IYT) for professional yachtsmen and women. IYT Worldwide ‘Master of Yachts 200ton ’ certificates are MCA approved and recognised by 25 governments around the globe. Our streamlined, comprehensive training programmes for Deckhand, Yacht Stewardess, Master V, First Mate and Master of Yachts were designed by professional instructors with world-wide personal experience.

The Crew Training programmes at the Superyacht Crew Academy focus on the primary qualification needed to assure your success in getting and keeping superyacht jobs: Excellence.

Superyacht Crew Academy, the Australian representative & partnership school of International Yacht Training Worldwide, provides:

  • Modern training vessels for Sail or Power in all weather waterways.
  • MCA approved STCW training
  • MCA approved IYT Master of Yachts 200gt modules necessary for superyacht crews including coastal offshore and ocean.
  • Fastrak Professional Crew Program from no experience to IYT Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200ton in 7 weeks.
  • Pre-course assessment of your current experience and certifications with crossover and bridging courses to minimise training time and expense.
  • Assistance with superyacht crew jobs placement including counciling on CV prepraion and job interviews plus introductions to crew agencies and superyachts worldwide.
  • Accommodation & meals onboard during practical Master of Yachts courses and Fastrak training programme.
  • Internationally recognised, MCA approved IYT, Deckhand, Steward/Stewardess and Chef certification.
  • Eligibility for the Australian Roads and Maritime Services Master up to 24m Near Coastal (Master V) certification for holders of IYT Master of Yachts 200gt certificates.
  • Dual certification with the international Deckhand and the Australian General Purpose Hand (GPH) certification.

Here are 10 more excellent reasons why you should train with the Superyacht Crew Academy.

Read what our graduates have to say about their training with the Superyacht Crew Academy Maritime Institute.

Your Superyacht Career

A career aboard a Superyacht is an opportunity unlike any other. Superyacht Crew get to travel the globe on the world’s most expensive yachts, visit the most exotic locations on the planet and enjoy the benefits of expense free living while being paid considerable salaries.

Here are 7 rewarding reasons why getting a superyacht crew job is a wonderful career choice.

To get started on your Superyacht Career Training, and find out what you need to become a crew member on a Superyacht, just click on the black up arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to scroll back to the top of the page and click on the crew job that interests you. That will sort through the list of Superyacht Crew Jobs and show you just the courses required for that crew position.

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