STCW 95+10

All crew members are required to complete the STCW 95+10 training modules.


The course is 8 days in total and is reflected in the following order:

STCW 95+10: Mon-Sat & Mon-Tue, 8 days

Included in the STCW 95+10 Course is the option to attend a FREE Superyacht Industry Career 1-Day Course the day after STCW which will teach you the most important aspects of the industry before you start your Superyachting Career.

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STCW 95+10 Training and Certification

All yacht crew are required to have the International STCW 95 as amended by Manila Ammendments 2010 certificate (STCW 95+10) or the Australian Shipboard Safety Skill Set.

The International standard for the training certification and watch keeping for seafarers 1995 and amended by Manila Ammendments 2010 mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has the force of law in 154 signatory countries.

The convention gives the minimum standards of qualifications required by all crew members at various levels depending upon vessel size. All crew involved in any safety or muster must complete the STCW 95+10 training course.

Certification You Will Achieve

All successful graduates receive the international STCW95+10 certificate authorized by the Marshall Islands and recognized by the MCA, 25 governments, and all major crew placement agencies. PLUS, as a bonus, you will receive a statement of attainment for the shipboard safety skill set and provide first aid which is recognised by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

  •  International
    • MCA Recognised STCW95+10
  • AMSA – National
    • Statement of Attainment for the AMSA Recognised ‘Shipboard Safety Skill Set’
    • Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency ‘Provide First Aid’

This course will not result in a full AMSA STCW Certificate of safety training.


Standards of Training Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers.

The 1995 STCW Convention amended by the Manila Ammendments 2010 establishes a baseline standard for the training and education of seafarers throughout the world.

STCW 95+10 stipulates the required competencies associated with different tasks, the knowledge and understanding required to perform them, methods for demonstrating competence and criteria for evaluating it. The Convention embodies provision for “hands-on” training and the development of basic skills through use of simulators, laboratory training equipment and other practical training aids.

Although experience at sea remains an important part of a seafarers overall career development, it is no longer be enough to “serve your time.”

In 2002, the International STCW 95 convention went into full effect and all seafarers must be trained in compliance with its provisions and carry training certificates. Vessels may be seized and detained for non-compliance. In 2010 the STCW convention was amended, expanding the training requirements to include vessel Security. Existing crew members who do not have the additional Security endorsements must take an update course to maintain the validity of their earlier training. Sign on for the STCW10 Security Update – Contact us today.

All crew are required to obtain a current medical certificate, including eye sight test to gain employment in the industry. Visit our medical exam section for further information.

MCA Recognised STCW Training

The Superyacht Crew Academy STCW 95+10 Certificate of Competency is Recognised by 25 nations and the Maritime Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom, the Marshall Islands, PADI and Insurance companies around the world.

It sounds complicated and it is, but rest assured that your training will meet the obligations set out in the STCW 95+10 convention required for you to work on foreign flagged vessels Worldwide.

The STCW95+10 Basic Safety Training Modules include:

  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques (Table A – VI/1-1)
  • STCW Basic Fire Prevention & Firefighting (Table A – VI/1-2)
  • STCW Elementary First Aid (Table A – VI/1-3)
  • STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (Table A – VI/1-4)
  • STCW Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness (Reg V1/6 and Part A of Section A – VI/6 Paragraph 4)

Superyacht Crew Academy is a dual training academy which means we are accredited by both International and Australian government agencies to deliver training courses and issue certifications.

Therefore this STCW95 course provides you with dual certification, which means your training qualifies you to obtain both the international STCW95+10 certification as well as an Australian ‘Statement of Attainment.’ This Statement of Attainment meets the requirements for the Shipboard Safety Skill Set which is recognized by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). You will also achieve a Statement of Attainment for the first aid unit of competency.

Please be advised this course is not the AMSA STCW certificate of safety training course.

The Australian Units of Competency Covered in the STCW 95+10 Training Courses Are:

  • MARF027 – Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment
  • MARF028 – Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel
  • MARF029 – Meet work health and safety requirements
  • MARF030 – Survive at sea using survival craft
  • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid*

Please note: In order to achieve the international STCW95+10 qualification there is no recognition of prior learning available if you already hold a statement of attainment for any of the above units of competency. Full attendance and competency is required to achieve the STCW95+10 modules.


This is the entry level course for superyacht crew and anyone with a reasonable command of the English language, who is over 16 years old, in good health, and without colour blindness can sign up for the course. Candidates must be in good physical condition and capable of moderate exertion during the swimming, fire fighting and simulation exercises.

What Other Qualifications Will I Need?

STCW95 certification is a requirement for a crew position on a superyacht but does not, by itself, qualify you for a crew position. You need additional training, certification and experience if you expect a captain to sign you aboard. If you lack these skills and certification, we recommend you sign up for the Superyacht Deckhand or Superyacht Interior Crew course at the same time to be fully qualified and eligible for a package price.

Training Location

The theory course is run from our Office in Warriewood NSW Australia and the Superyacht Crew Academy Training Facility at 25a/5 Ponderosa Parade , Warriewood. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, Superyacht Training Facilities.

The practical courses are run from the Warringah Aquatic Centre, Frenchs Forest for sea survival and NSW Mines Rescue Service, Argenton for firefighting.

STCW 10 Maritime Security Awareness Update – Single Module only*

*This section of information is only relevant if you already hold STCW and require the MSA as a single module.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Manila Amendments of 2010 added a new Maritime Security Awareness training module to the requirements for STCW 95. If you trained for STCW 95 prior to 2014 you must take this update to maintain the validity of your STCW certification.

For more information on the new requirements and how it relates to your required certificate of competency – Contact us today.

Mandatory Minimum Requirements for Security-Related Training and Instruction for All Seafarers

Before being assigned to shipboard duties, all persons employed or engaged on a seagoing ship which is required to comply with the provisions of the ISPS Code, other than passengers, shall receive approved security-related familiarization training, taking account of the guidance given in part B, to be able to:

  1. report a security incident, including a piracy or armed robbery threat or attack;
  2. know the procedures to follow when they recognize a security threat; and
  3. take part in security-related emergency and contingency procedures.

If your existing STCW certification was done prior to 2014 you will need to take this one day course to update your qualifications prior to 1 January 2016.

Course Information

  • Location: The course is run from our Marina Office in Newport NSW Australia and the Superyacht Crew Academy Training Facility at 25A/5 Ponderosa Parade, Warriewood 2102.
  • Content Covered: Security Threats, Piracy, Drills, Communication and Reporting
  • Cost: $480 AUD
  • Length of Course: Half a day

Please get in touch with our office for more information.

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