STCW 95+10 Refresher

All crew members are required to complete the STCW 95+10 training modules.


The course is 1.5 days in total and is reflected in the following order:

Available Dates – STCW 95+10 Refresher: 1.5 days



  • Jan 2024: Sun 14 (Frenchs Forest) & Mon 15 (Argenton)
  • Feb 2024: Mon 05 (Argenton) & Tue 06 (Frenchs Forest)
  • Feb 2024: Mon 26 (Argenton) & Tue 27 (Frenchs Forest)
  • Mar 2024: Sun 17 (Frenchs Forest) & Tue 19 (Argenton)
  • Apr 2024: Wed 10 (Argenton) & Fri 12 (Frenchs Forest)
  • May 2023: Mon 13 (Argenton) & Tue 14 (Frenchs Forest)
  • Jun 2024: Fri 14 (Frenchs Forest) & Mon 17 (Argenton)


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STCW 95+10 Refresher Training

STCW Refresher training is now compulsory for revalidation of all STCW’95 certificates with an expiry date after January 1, 2017 or those having no expiration date.

  • Basic STCW’95+10 refresher training is now mandatory every five years.
  • This is a 1.5 day course of practical training for Personal Survival Techniques and Basic Fire Fighting.

Please note: The STCW refresher course will take 2.5 days if you are unable to provide the PST self-declaration form

Certification You Will Achieve

All successful graduates receive a Certificate of Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting and Personal Survival Techniques. This certification is authorized by the Marshall Islands and recognized by the MCA, 25 governments, and all major crew placement agencies.

Please note: that not all flag states accept STCW certification from other flag states (such as the United States) so please check with your flag state (original STCW course provider) before taking STCW refresher courses.

This course will not result in an AMSA STCW refresher ( certificate of ongoing assessment ).


This course is a Marshall Islands Refresher Course. If you hold an Australian AMSA COST STCW95 certificate you will need to refresh your certificate where you completed your original training.

Recognition of In-Service Training

To avoid retaking the entire “Personal Survival Techniques” module, students must complete a self-declaration form declaring they have performed the following duties during drills or simulated exercise situations within the last 5 years:

  • Donning a lifejacket
  • Boarding a survival craft from ship, while wearing a life jacket
  • Taking initial actions on boarding a lifeboat to enhance chance of survival
  • Streaming a lifeboat drogue or sea-anchor
  • Operating survival craft equipment
  • Operating location devices, including radio equipment

Note: vessels’ registered number and dates on board are also required on the declaration.

Download the Declaration Form. Print the form, fill it out and sign it. Bring it with you when you come for training. The form will also be provided upon enrolment.

If unable to provide a Declaration Form showing these duties were performed, the entire sea survival practical and theory module must be taken, please contact us directly for confirmation of dates.

Training Location

The practical courses are run from the Warringah Aquatic Centre, Frenchs Forest for sea survival and NSW Mines Rescue Service, Argenton for firefighting. The training is NOT conducted at our Newport  and Warriewood venues.

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