7 Wonders of the world of superyachts

Life is what you want it to be.

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Superyachts are the ultimate in one-up-man-ships. Owners spare no expense in creating nautical marvels of efficiency, functionality, and beauty.

your mission: make it efficient, functional, beautiful.

Of course not everyone has the same taste when it comes to design. Some superyachts are very beautiful, some very practical, and many of them (being one-off creations) have technical problems. But still, these are amazing vessels and it is sometimes an exciting challenge to participate in keeping such creatures functioning smoothly and looking their best.


Superyachts are modern castles for the super wealthy. Castles with a very big moat around them. One thing for sure is that the owners know all about value for money and they are willing to pay YOU well - but will be expecting you to be worth every penny that you earn.

Salaries aboard superyachts are, like the yachts themselves, extravagant. Even if you are only working seasonally you'll be enjoying your earnings all year round. If you invest wisely yourself you'll be enjoying your money for a long time to come.

Living in luxury.

Your crew quarters will not be anywhere near as luxurious as the owner and guest cabins but you will be enjoying the luxury of the entire vessel when you are not in your bunk.

You'll be surrounded with the very best that our world has to offer and you won't be paying for it out of your salary. It's not like living ashore in an apartment or house where you need to buy a thousand things - from towels and sheets to pots and pans. On all yachts you'll have the very best of these necessities for free and on some yachts you'll even be supplied with clothes. Which means, of course, that ALL of your extravagant salary will go straight into your bank account.

Free and Healthy Meals

Superyacht owners, guests, and crews enjoy really excellent meals. Food is, these days, a major expense for shore-dwellers and many people can't afford the best quality foods even when they have excellent salaries; not with their mortgages, cars, loans that need paying off, fees and taxes on everything. Some people just don't have time to eat and crash their health on junk foods.

Most superyachts employ a full time chef, sometimes two, and they need to be good to satisfy the owner. And believe me, the owners of superyachts know a thing or two about good food and healthy diets. When the owner is not aboard, the chef still prepares all the meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner - for the crew. The crew might not be digging into the stocks of caviar,fillet mignon and $1000 a bottle wines, but the food will still be excellent,healthy and free.


Superyachts sometimes stay in one port for months - and you can bet those ports are vacation spots that you'd just love to visit. But most owners like to go places with their superyacht - which is one reason they buy them. The owners dream of sailing off to exotic ports around the world to sample their beauty and enjoy the cultural and biological diversity of our ocean planet.

If you are someone who shares the desire to travel to far off places, to see and do things personally in fabulous locations, to go snorkeling in New Caledonia's beautiful marine parks or dive on the Great Barrier Reef, or visit stone-age cultures in Vanuatu, visit Tahiti, the French Riviera, Greece, Nassau, Fort Lauderdale - well, then get busy and start training for the expedition of a lifetime aboard a fabulous superyacht.

Lights, Camera, Action

You'll flip when you see the action toys on a superyacht; jet skis, helicopters, the best dive gear, surf boards, paddle boards, kite surfing equipment, wind surfers, water skis, deep sea fishing gear. You will find all the required equipment for whatever action sports the owner and guests prefer. Not to mention the tender to zip everyone from place to place, and some yachts have a gym, swimming pool, and jacuzzi on deck, too. Oh, and then there is the entertainment system with music, videos, and of course satellite TV and Internet.

You might, or might not, get to play with all - or any - of the toys when the owner and guests are aboard but most crews enjoy the use of the equipment when the owner is not aboard.

The A Team

The crew of a superyacht must be professionals, dedicated to excellence. They - and you - have to know exactly what to do and how to do it at all times, and especially in emergencies. In short, the whole crew - Captain, Mate, Engineer, Steward/ess, and Deckhands - have to be winners. Crew members have to have two key abilities; they have to be good at what they do and know how to get along with each other.

There is a rigorous selection process in the ecology of sea people. Superyacht owners may be very different people but every single one of them demands perfection; perfection in their yacht and perfection in their crew. If a crew member does not make the grade - can't get along - the captain will replace that crew member with someone who fits in and does the job correctly and can get along with his team. What this means is that once you find the right superyacht you will be living in close quarters with a team of like minded people, sharing a mutual respect and trust. And that, my friend, makes life aboard a Superyacht extra special.