Superyacht crew excellence

Professionalism first, last, always.

Superyacht Crew Academy courses include training modules to help you become an excellent member of a superyacht crew.

superyacht crew professionalism

A professional is able to concentrate efficiently on their job first, last, and always.

keep your cool, do your job,

Aboard a Superyacht you are not alone, you are part of a crew.

The crew must live up to the high standards demanded by the owner and officers. They know they will be recognized and rewarded when they succeed and know; equally well, they will be told and corrective action taken if they fail. Their commitment to upholding the command's standards generates a strong sense of responsibility for their individual work areas. They act on the principle that if you're going to do something, do it right, and do it right the first time.

Life aboard a superyacht is not always exactly what you want it to be. There will be times when your work is stressful, when someone does something to irritate you, when you are tired or don't feel well. But you are part of a team and will be expected to do your job to the best of your ability, to give and accept support from your crew mates, and never, not ever, not even once, loose your cool and become angry or aggressive.

The chain of command

Without a top performing crew, no ship can be successful. Captains of superior commands are particularly adept at molding their crew into a highly unified, spirited, team with a professional focus on keeping the yacht and her equipment in prime condition and the owner and guests happy. When asked, top crews can clearly describe the command's philosophy and goals, and voice wholehearted support of the Captain and his approach. Because the Captain and officers frequently explain what they want done and why.

The crew knows what is expected of them and each person feels part of the team. The result is enthusiasm, motivation, and pride in the command.

In addition, crew members are careful about following the chain of command. They know that violating it disrupts teamwork, creates confusion, hurts morale, and hinders leadership.

Teamwork is excellence.

Members of excellent crews realize that success depends on a team effort. They don't act or do their jobs in disregard of the rest of the command. They communicate frequently, coordinate activities, and help each other out when necessary.

Crew members take responsibility and ownership for their jobs. They have a sense of duty that helps them to always keep their cool and be professional on duty and off duty, aboard ship or ashore. Excellent crew members are mature and respectful of themselves and others.

Everything you do makes a difference aboard a yacht.

An excellent crew is always aware that everything they do is important aboard a ship. Each crew member takes full responsibility for what they do or do not do and judge their own behavior on the ultimate mission goals; keeping the ship in top condition and the owner and guests feeling comfortable and appreciated.

Excellent crew members take the initiative and are proactive. They are always thinking, "What can we, as a team, do to make the owner and guests happy?" Life aboard a superyacht is always about a blend of professional seamanship and hospitality.


Superyachts are designed and built to super high standards and this means they have equally high standards of maintenance. Every part of a superyacht is integral and vital to the operational whole vessel and needs constant, proactive attention from the crew.

Excellence requires integrity; every crew member aboard the superyacht must adhere to strict moral and ethical principles. Each member of the crew, including the officers, must be honest, fair, open, and dedicated to the owner, the guests, and the vessel itself.

Achieving Excellence = Pride

Excellent crews take pride in their work, their vessel and in their team. When the yacht is performing at it's best, and the owner and guests are properly awed by the smooth harmony between a fabulous yacht and exemplary crew, each member of the crew feels excellent, because that's what they are.