AUSTRALIAN COXSWAIN GRADE 1 Near Coastal to INTERNATIONAL Master of Yachts 200ton (MATE) COASTAL Crossover Course

Upgrade your Australian Coxswain Grade 1 NC ticket to a Master of Yachts 200ton (Mate) certification be a Chief Mate on superyachts registered in 23 countries wherever they might be.

superyacht master of yachts 200ton.

Australian COXSWAIN GRADE 1 NC Crossover to IYT Master of Yachts 200ton (MATE) COASTAL

If you would like to expand your horizons and work as a Chief Mate on the world's finest super yachts anywhere in the world, you can now upgrade your Australian Coxswain Grade 1 NC certification to an International Yacht Training certified Master of Yachts 200 tons (Mate) Coastal for Sail or Motor driven vessels.

The Master of Yachts 200ton (Mate) certification is for the rank of Chief Mate on commercial and private vessels up to 200 gt displacement up to 60 nautical miles offshore. You will also be certified to work as Chief Mate of 200 ton vessels up to 150 nautical miles offshore or 500 ton vessels up to 60 nautical miles offshore.

COXSWAIN to Master of Yachts 200ton (MATE) crossover requirements

For SINGLE (Power or Sail) Endorsement

  • Successfully complete the IYT Online Business & Maritime Law E-Learning exam
  • You must have a valid unrestricted AMSA Coxswain Grade 1 certificate. If your rating is over 5 years old you will need to renew it.
  • If required, a short phone interview will take place to ensure appropriate level of competence
  • Hold all required STCW95/10 Manila amended certificates
  • A current medical exam and eyesight colour blindness test taken within the last 2 years.
  • Have documents/signed sea time proof of the following requirements on a power or sailing vessel:
    • 25 days at sea, including two days as watch leader/skipper and 12 hours underway on watch at night.
    • 800 miles at sea

For Dual (Power and Sail) Endorsement

  • You need to meet the sea service requirements on BOTH a power and sailing vessel. Two separate sea service submissions are required as per above.
  • All of the above, plus depending on prior experience the following may be required:·
    • Complete navigation exam
    • Complete practical assessment

Assessment Duration

Single Endorsement (Power OR Sail): Online E-learning exam can be done remotely within 7 days of booking.

Dual Endorsement (Power & Sail): Online E-learning exam can be done remotely, PLUS depending on experience a 1 day practical assessment & navigation exam may take place at Superyacht Crew Academy head office, please contact us for further information.


  • International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT), MCA approved Master of Yachts Mate 200 tons POWER &/OR SAIL*

Superyacht Training Location

The practical assessment is run from Superyacht Crew Academy at Newport. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us, CLICK HERE


AUD$1,100 (power OR sail vessel endorsement)

AUD$2,100 (BOTH sail AND power vessel endorsement)

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