We recently spoke with a superyacht captain on how to prepare for a superyacht job interview as green grew.If you are just starting your superyacht journey and are a little bit nervous about your first job interview don’t worry this advice from an actual superyacht captain should prepare you for the most common questions and interview scenarios you will come across when interviewing for yacht jobs.

Check out the advice below.

What are some common mistakes you see new crew members make during job interviews, and how can they avoid them?

Talking over people.

Listen, stop, breathe, respond.

Not being prepared for the interview

Take it seriously, set time aside with no distractions. Do not be out with friends or in a noisy environment,

Do some research on the vessel if possible.

Ask the right questions:

Safety, crew harmony, training, longevity, budget.

Don’t just ask about time off, pay, leave, cabins, bonuses, tips, perks. Try and show you will add value to the vessel.


What are some of the key qualities you look for in green crew, and how can they demonstrate those qualities during an interview?

Anything related to being on the water: first aid, life saving, growing up on boats. Even just swimming, surfing, camping, fishing etc.

The same for hospitality. Any jobs you’ve had dealing with people/customers.

Happy go lucky people, people who have worked in team environments. A good person is easier to mould into a good crew member than a grumpy horrible person.

Hobbies such as woodwork, car restoring, model planes, anything which shows you have an eye for detail.

Longevity – try and show you have stuck to something for a decent amount of time. Uni Courses, degree, hobbies, collections etc.

Don’t just say the same old – I like to travel, meet people and do yoga. Oh yeah, and non smoker – don’t tell little lies.

What can new crew members do to showcase their skills and potential if they don’t have much experience within the superyacht industry?

Show other skills such as hospitality experience or other hobbies/interests that show you have an eye for detail and can commit to things for a decent amount of time. Show that you have dealt with people/customers and that you don’t mind mucking in and working hard.

What kind of research should new crew members do before a job interview, and how can they use that knowledge to stand out from other candidates?

Try find out about the boat they are interviewing for – size, build, last refit. Ask questions like, when was the last refit and when is the next one. Ask if there is room to grow and is training on board encouraged.

Find out a bit about the different cruising areas. Ask about the weather or working conditions shows deeper interest in the role.

Ask if the crew departments work well together.

What are some of the most common interview questions that new crew members can expect to be asked, and how should they prepare to answer them effectively?

How do you deal with conflict within your team?

What would you do if you saw a crew member on board doing something they shouldn’t be doing?

How do you manage strong personalities in your team or work place?

Have you ever had to deal with any of the above in your current work place?

Do you mind helping out other departments even in its not your job per se?

Are you a morning person or a night person?

What do you feel you would be like working 16 hours per day with little sleep?

Do you have a problem with tucking your shirt in and shaving every day?

What are your career goals? 1 year or 5 years? Or 10 year plus?


What are some key things that new crew members should keep in mind when dressing for a job interview in person and on skype/zoom ?


Clean shaven or neat beard/facial hair
No excessive make up
No visible tattoos
No excessive ear piercings – no nose/tongue piercings
Wear a colour
Hair neat/up
Be on time! If you’re not 5 minutes early then you’re 5 minutes late
Make sure there is no noise/distraction around
Sufficient battery and decent internet connection
Do not have your phone or smart watch distracting you


What advice would you give to a greenie who is nervous about their first job interview ?


Stop, listen. Breathe, respond.
Everyone has been new once before – so try not to be too nervous
The person interviewing you is interested in giving you a job – so be honest but also sell yourself.Do not be too casual either – maintain focus throughout


What are some general tips or advice you have for new crew members looking to make a good impression during a job interview?

Be polite and courteous. Stop to think. Take a breath or a drink of water.

Have a few pre-prepared questions of your own:
What is training like on board?
Is there medical insurance for crew all year round?
What is a typical working day boss on versus boss off?
How long have the crew been there?
What is the management company like?

We hope this advice will help you when you come across your first superyacht job interview and we wish you all the best with your journey , please share this with other green crew if you have found the advice useful.


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