Superyacht crew salaries

Reported Average Monthly Salaries for Superyacht Crew Positions. All wages listed are in Australian Dollars. In addition to these wages, yachts are expected to provide you with free board, meals, toiletries and other expenses such as laundry.


Crew Salary Table


  • Samples of current industry wage standards are subject to change without notification..
  • Wages also vary depending on the specific qualification of the employee, the operation status of the yacht, whether private or charter, the itinerary of the yacht, and other requirements specific to the yacht. (Charter yachts generally have a lower base salary due to extra income from the charter tips.)
  • Each Yacht has the option to transact in the currency convenient to its operation. You may be paid in a currency other than US dollars.
  • Most yachts provide health insurance, accident insurance, etc. Unless otherwise stated at time of employment, all crew are responsible for his or her personal income tax. Each crew should investigate rules and regulations and seek official advice and remain current with their national requirements.
  • All yachts are expected to provide food, uniforms, basic toiletries and other on board expenses such as laundry. Personal items are not included.